Admissions Requirements

University Preparatory Academy
Admissions Requirements




University Preparatory Academy actively recruits a diverse student population from throughout Santa Clara County. Admission to the school is open to any resident of the State of California. Students are considered for admission without regard to race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender or disability or any other characteristic described in Education Code Section 220. The school strives through recruiting efforts to achieve a racial and ethnic balance of students that reflects the general population within Santa Clara County.  UPA is committed to maintaining a diverse student population, utilizing outreach efforts to recruit students who traditionally have been underserved

UPA provides a rigorous educational experience that includes longer hours and more school days than is expected of them at other neighborhood schools.

No specialized admission criteria are required; however, assessments may be administered to determine the proper placement of students. All students who wish to enroll in the school are enrolled unless the number of applications exceeds the number of seats available in which case a public random drawing is held.

All students who are interested in enrolling at the school are required to complete an application for admission.

Parents must attend a Parent Information Meeting to be eligible to enroll their student.  Parent Information meetings are held throughout the community during the months of December, January, and  February.  At Parent Information meetings, prospective students and their parents or guardians are briefed regarding the school’s instructional and operational philosophy and are informed of the school’s student-related policies at numerous intervals, including open houses, informational evenings, inclusion of these expectations on the school web site, orientations, and interviews. Parents are asked to help ensure that their child upholds the academic and behavioral rules of the school, and are asked to acknowledge the UPA academic and behavior policies, and support those policies.

Recruiting and Admissions Cycle:

UPA has established an annual recruiting and admissions cycle, which includes reasonable time for (1) outreach and marketing, (2) parent information meetings, tours and open houses for students and parents, to familiarize themselves with the school (3) an admissions lottery, if necessary (3) completion of forms and admissions application after the lottery, (4) personal interviews of students and parents, and (5) scheduling of classes.

The school fills vacancies or openings that become available after this process using a waiting list. The school admits students at any time during the school year on an open-ended basis in order to better serve the transient local population, if an opening is available. Please see Section 4 for additional details regarding the school’s enrollment plan.

Timeline for Recruiting and Admissions:

Applications for admission are made available in December of the previous year and are due by the 1st Friday in March. UPA holds parent information meetings between December and March so parents can learn more about the school before they apply. Additionally, the school features and open house, scheduled for a weekend, where any and all community members are able to attend the school to learn more about what UPA offers their students.

Lottery – Public Random Drawing:

In the event that the number of students seeking admission to any grade or class exceeds capacity, a lottery is held as per the procedure outlined below.

Lottery Procedure:

The process the School will use if more or fewer students register per grade level than projected, including lottery and preferences

Fewer students register per grade level than projected

·      If there are fewer students registered per grade level following the enrollment process, then UPA continues to process applications until all vacancies are filled. The school actively recruits students to fill the classes. Students whose applications are processed after the due date are placed on a waiting list in the order received if there isn’t any class space available.

Lottery procedure if more students register per grade level than projected

·      In the event that the number of students seeking admission to any grade exceeds capacity and each has completed the application process by the posted due date, a lottery is held electronically using the Powerschool Registration software, which also generates the wait list. UPA may grant admission preference to students who attended Galarza Elementary School and continue to reside in the school attendance boundary (for SB 740 eligibility), to siblings, children of staff and board members, and *Low socio-economic students provided that such preference shall be utilized only in the event that a public random drawing is needed due to oversubscription.

Existing students of UPA have an automatic right to continued enrollment in the school should they wish to do so and shall not need to be included in the public random drawing. UPA does grant preference in the public random drawing as to siblings of students already attending UPA, children of UPA educators, administrators, and staff, students who reside in the elementary school attendance area for Galarza Elementary School (in accordance with Education Code Section 47605.3 and 47614.5), and students who are eligible to receive *Free or Reduced-Price Meals.

Any applicants not admitted through this public random drawing due to capacity limitations will be placed on a waiting list and as space becomes available, will be offered admission in the order in which their names were drawn. Applications are accepted after the lottery and are added to the wait list. The wait list does not carry over from one school year to the next. 

*Following admission, UPA will conduct an audit of the records of students who utilized this preference. Any student who utilized this preference, but is not eligible to receive Free or Reduced-Price Meals, will forfeit admission and be placed at the end of the wait list. This preference will be capped at 25% of enrollment.


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